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The wines


Domaine le Trébuchet stands out for its singular know-how embodied in :

    • delicate, slow-infusion vinification, 
    • ceramic aging, 
    • sustainable sulfiting, not exceeding 30 to 40 mg/L of sulfur

This approach shapes the identity of the domain’s genuine wines, true reflections of the varietals and terroir from which they come. 

They are distinguished by their finesse, freshness and aromatic purity, demonstrating our determination to magnify the grape and reveal its vivacity with every sip.

Grès Cuvée

Grès was conceived to magnify the elegance and finesse of Cabernet Franc, to express its vivacity with more restraint than power.

It is aged between 6 and 8 months in sandstone eggs, depending on the vintage.

This cuvée benefits from the moderate porosity of the sandstone and the ovoid shape of the egg, allowing the fine lees to be stirred by convection. The result is complex, round, aromatic wines that preserve the freshness of their crunchy fruit.

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Porcelaine Cuvée

Porcelaine is a blend of mostly Merlot grapes. It may be complemented by Cabernet Franc or Malbec, depending on the vintage. 

Aged in porcelain amphora for around 8 months, this cuvée is an ode to fruity varietals. The very moderate porosity of the porcelain preserves the fruit’s aromatic qualities, giving the wine a straight, fresh profile with a taut finish.

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Terracotta Cuvée

Terracotta is made exclusively from grape varieties with a robust tannic structure, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. The cuvée can be made from a single varietal or from blended wines, depending on the vintage.

Longer aging, lasting around 1 year, takes place in terracotta amphora.

These are highly porous, allowing continuous micro-oxygenation.

This helps polish the tannins while preserving the concentration of aromas.

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Oak Cuvée

With a more Bordeaux-style character, Cuvée Oak is a blended wine for aging, made primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wood of the barrels is exclusively oak from the Allier and Vosges forests. 

The light toasting of the wood gives the wine great aromatic complexity, with subtle toasty and vanilla tones.

Maturing for around 1 year softens the wine’s tannins, bringing roundness and voluptuousness.

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