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The domain

Biodiversity, richness and balance to cherish

Boasting a surface area of 25 hectares and majestically overlooking the Dropt valley, the domain is rooted in the Entre-Deux-Mers region, in the commune of Les Esseintes, not far from the picturesque village of La Réole. 

Once primarily a polyculture farm, the property gradually gave way to viticulture in the 1960s, with the introduction of ten hectares of vines.

The vineyard fully benefits from the advantages of past polyculture. 

The diversified environment, with 8 hectares of meadows and 10 hectares of hundred-year-old oaks, acacias, wild cherry, pear and chestnut trees adjacent to the vines, creates an essential biological balance.

This fabulous diversity fosters beneficial competition between species, encouraging a dynamic in which each element contributes to maintaining the health of the ecosystem as a whole. This diversity minimizes the proliferation of species harmful to vines, thus reducing the need for treatments.

The natural fertility of this terroir composed of clay, sand and silt, combined with an optimal balance between water retention and drainage, provides all the essential elements for vine growth.

Le domaine vigne vertical

The ten hectares of ancient oak forest surrounding the vineyard offer a natural protection against climatic variations, acting as a thermal regulator.

Its topography features gently rolling hills at an altitude of around 80 meters, with north and south-facing slopes that ensure a harmonious balance between freshness, acidity and ripeness.

Big, small, vigorous or a little less so...

Domaine le Trébuchet favors diversity within its vines in order to enhance the overall balance of the vineyard and express its full potential.

5 different grape varieties coexist in harmony on the domain. The old vines of Cabernet Sauvignon (3.8 ha), Cabernet Franc (1.7 ha), Merlot (1.3 ha) and Malbec (1.3 ha) have recently been joined by 0.4 hectares of Petit Verdot.

"As in life, there are big vines, small vines, vigorous vines or a little less so... The more diversity there is in the vineyard, the better, so that everything develops and lives in the best conditions."

Within the same plot, we encourage diversity by using companion planting: young plants and old vines live side by side.

Older vines, though producing fewer grapes, offer exceptionally ripe berries. In contrast, the young vines, more vigorous and productive, require special attention to control their wildness. Their berries give the wine incomparable tension and freshness. This harmonious cohabitation between the wisdom of the old and the vitality of the young reveals the true character of the domain’s wines.

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