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Craft Winemaker

My story

Above all, it is my family’s story, that of Anna and Rémi de Giacinto, my grandparents who came from Veneto in the 1930s. In 1959, they acquired this land nestled between Langon and La Réole. Table grapes, tobacco, cereals, market gardening and livestock were the Domain’s primary resources. Convinced from the outset of the benefits of multi-cropping, they planted ten hectares of vines at the end of the 1960s, thus inscribing a winegrowing heritage into the soil of the property. 

Driven by a strong attachment to these family lands and armed with a profound determination, I set out in 2021 to write a new chapter in the history of the estate by producing wines of a resolutely innovative style, harmoniously combining craftsmanship and utmost respect for nature.

My ambition

To embody authenticity, simply supporting Mother Nature to fully express herself. To reveal the vivacity of our terroir and the frankness of our grapes through the expression of wines with character, devoid of artifice.

My commitment

To combine craftsmanship and innovation with a deep respect for the grape variety and the terroir of origin. It has resulted in the estate’s organic farming certification, effective in 2023, and the limitation of mechanical interventions and wine-making inputs.

The culmination of my convictions will take effect in 2025, the year of the estate’s transition to biodynamic viticulture.

My know-how

1 parcel, 1 grape variety, 1 aging, 1 wine

This innovative approach breaks free from the traditional codes of the Bordeaux region, by sublimating single-varietal, plot-based cuvées.

This is reflected in extremely delicate, slow-infusion vinifications. During aging, the use of neutral containers preserves the purity of fruit expression, giving birth to wines of character, lively, fresh and fruity, faithful to the grape varieties and terroir which they stem from.

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