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Vinification in utmost accuracy

Our approach to winemaking leads us to adjust our oenological techniques according to the specific characteristics of each vintage. It is essential to carefully select the type and degree of extraction according to the  harvested grapes and the desired outcome. The ripening of grape skins, pulp and seeds can vary according to climatic conditions, and are not always harmonized. Thus, the essence of the art of winemaking lies in the ability to judiciously dose what is being extracted. Knowing when to interrupt the extraction process can lead to significant variations in elegance and wine quality. 

Accurate winemaking translates into precision and finesse in extraction, enabling us to obtain supple wines with an enhanced structure.

The domain’s wine-making techniques:

CPM takes place below 12°C to delay the start of alcoholic fermentation. This process enables a gentle and controlled extraction of wine compounds such as aromas, anthocyanins and tannins. The advantages of this process are to preserve the aromatic freshness, enhance natural, intense color, and obtain more supple, melted and integrated tannins.

Throughout the winemaking process, we keep the use of inputs to a minimum

We favor the use of indigenous yeasts, naturally present in the vineyard, in order to obtain an aromatic profile as faithful as possible to the grape variety and terroir from which they come.

Our method focuses on infusion vinification, avoiding frequent pumping-over and reducing wine handling to the bare essentials. This slow-infusion vinification underscores our desire to subtly extract aromas without altering the wine’s finesse.

We pay particular attention to keeping the tanks full, so as to constantly immerse the marc cap, thus ensuring gentle, gradual and controlled extraction of the grape’s compounds. This approach requires daily evaluation by tasting, enabling us to finely measure the extraction level.

No sulfur is added when the grapes enter the wine cellar.

After malolactic fermentation, we limit the addition of sulfur to strict doses, not exceeding 30 to 40 mg/L.

This meticulous, respectful approach at every stage of vinification aims to preserve the wine’s aromatic freshness, typicity and purity of extraction.

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