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1 parcel, 1 grape variety, 1 aging, 1 wine

Re-inventing the audacious liveliness of Bordeaux

Domaine le Trébuchet distinguishes itself by its wines of character, unadulterated and sublimely authentic

They stem from the in-depth conviction and strong bias of its winemaker, Jean Guillaume de Giacinto, which are reflected in every sip, revealing a perfect balance between craftsmanship, rigor and innovation.

Each bottle is the fruit of an uncompromising concern for the environment and commitment to an organic production, resulting in a limited number of interventions throughout the vine and winemaking cycles.

This commitment has birthed the domaine’s wines, with their enhanced freshness and aromatic purity, faithful to the grape variety and terroir from which they stem from.

A domain of treasured biodiversity

Majestically overlooking the Dropt valley, the family estate is rooted in the Entre-Deux-Mers region, not far from the picturesque village of La Réole. The 8.5-hectare vineyard, certified organic since 2023, benefits from an exceptionally diverse natural environment.

A pioneering winemaker

Our sole ambition is to sublimate authenticity, by simply assisting Mother Nature to express herself fully.

Our aim is to reveal the vivacity of our terroir and the outspokenness of our grapes through the expression of wines of character, free from artifice.

Rigorous and uncompromising know-how

Endowed with great patience, we work our vines in compliance with the organic agricultural guidelines.

In a constant concern to preserve the integrity of the grapes, we limit the number of interventions and inputs during vinification, favoring cold pre-fermentation maceration, slow infusion, gravity transfers and minimal sulfur addition.

Outspoken wines

During aging, we favor highly neutral materials to enhance the authenticity of the aromatic profile. The use of ceramic amphoras such as porcelain, sandstone and terracotta preserves the aromatic purity and varietal quality of the grapes.

Domain Le Trébuchet’s wines

Experience our wines of character, vibrant with vivacity, faithful to the grape varieties and terroir they stem from.

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